Genie Drives Uphire

After leaving school back in the mid 90’s, Nigel McKinley started out as a scaffold yard hand with Wreck Air hire. Since then he has enjoyed a track record of success and achievement in the hire and rental industry in NSW and South East Queensland. Nigel knew that when the time arrived to establish his own business, Genie would play a major part in his business plans.

“Uphire is a recently formed access equipment specialist, based in Sydney but servicing regional markets in NSW and beyond. Their latest acquisition is a pair of Genie Z51 4×4 boom lifts, filling the gaps in the fleet and giving his clients the robust and reliability of the Genie Brand,” Nigel said.

“I’ve experienced the access industry at many different levels and across NSW and Queensland,” Nigel said.

“Through my exposure to all the different brands of equipment, my choice of a predominantly Genie fleet was an easy one to make.”

“I regard the Genie brand as having all the latest technology and market leader. They are a world class manufacturer and their gear is strong, reliable and tough. With Genie you know what you are getting and can send it out to clients with complete confidence.”

Although Uphire is a young company, having formed early in 2011, Nigel McKinley is driving his organisation with passion and expertise. Being small and establishing a foothold in the market, he is service focussed and has a major commitment to computer management systems that track every unit in the fleet, every booking and every forward order. Access to information is vital to providing first rate customer service.

Less than a year after start up, Uphire boasts a fleet heading towards 50 units. These include man lifts from 12’ to 20’, knuckle booms from 30’ to 60’ and diesel scissor lifts 32’ – 43’. There are plans to add telescopic booms in the 45’ to 85’ segment, perhaps even bigger.

“My relationship with Genie goes back a long way and is based on mutual respect,” Nigel said.

“I’ve had a long association with Brent Markwell. He understands my needs and is around when we need him. He can maintain confidential information and works hard for us to get our business.”

An important aspect of Nigel McKinley’s future is the arrival of Terex Financial Services.

“Dealing with the financial people at Terex Financial Services is a huge benefit to my new business,” Nigel said. “With traditional bankers, we have to continually explain the industry to them. The people at Terex get it and I am very happy to align my business with Genie and Terex Financial Services.”

With a big year planned Nigel has recently hired his first sales staff Michael Spence.

“Michael will be a real asset to our team,” Nigel said. “He has a strong understanding of the access industry. His experience and enthusiasm is exactly what Uphire needs to take the next steps in planned growth.”

Nigel and the Uphire Team have a big year ahead.

Uphire is in the early stages of supplying equipment on some major projects, and of course adding more Genie units to the fleet. At Uphire the future is definitely, UP.


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