Great Result for Transplant at Penrith Working Truck Show

One of the more familiar faces at the Uphire is office is Stuart Plevey from Transplant Tilt Trays. Uphire have a well established relationship with Transplant, and we use and recommend their services for local, country, and interstate transport.

Stuart had a great weekend at the 26th Annual Penrith Working Truck Show this weekend, winning a prize for Best Scania – and we expected nothing less.Congratulations to Stuart!

Our Managing Director Nigel McKinley is pictured here with Stuart and his Scania – and of course an Uphire Scissor Lift on the tray.

If you would like to have Transplant Tilt Trays nursing your equipment as well as they do ours, give them a call on 0414 931 603.



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