The Mighty Panthers Turn it Around

Panthers Scissor PicWhat a fantastic turnaround the Penrith Panthers has had in 2013. After a fairly lukewarm start, Panthers are now on a three game winning streak which we hope is set to continue after the bye round this weekend. Highlights from the last two weeks have been Panthers flogging the Warriors by 58 points, with Lewis Brown the current Uphire Jersey sponsor scoring two of those tries. Congratulations Lewis Brown! It was also great to see Penrith keeping the Dragons scoreless in last week’s 19-0 victory.
The Penrith Panthers are a central part of our local community and Uphire is very proud to continue our association with Penrith Panthers in 2013. We have also been privileged to complete work on the iconic Penrtih Panthers club, and look forward to more of the same. Here’s to a continued winning streak for the mighty Panthers!

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