The New Athena – Australia’s First Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift

Working picture for Mailchimp - AthenaUphire is pleased to announce the Australian launch of a world first, the Athena BiLevelling Tracked Scissor Lift. The Athena,  has the ability to self-level on slopes up to 20 degrees on BOTH the X and Y axis, that is front to back AND side to side, a feature never before seen in a scissor lift. That means no bulky outriggers and no packing of wheels. The Athena will have great application in the outdoor equipment, construction landscaping and rental industries and features:

  • Independently levelling tracks
  • Dual power source
  • Maximum working height of 8m
  • Drives at height
  • Extremely compact all-terrain capabilities
  • Will go where no other scissor lift can go
  • Ideal for external and internal works
  • Excellent transfer speed

Ideal for painters, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, sign writers, ceiling contractors, or anyone with a pair of hands. The Athena  can go anywhere, on virtually any surface and with its massive 20-degree auto leveling function it can be used on virtually every job, every day. That equates to massive productivity gains and increased profit. The Athena is available now for hire.

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