The Only Way is Up – Uphire Featured in Hire and Rental Magazine Editorial

Uphire has recently been featured in Hire and Rental Magazine’s Winter edition.


The Only Way is Up

It’s been a steep learning curve for the founders of Up Hire in Sydney but well worth the money, time and energy invested.

Nigel McKinley is a man with a plan. When he and his wife Renae set up Up Hire, in Sydney’s South Penrith they were aiming for a unique mix of both short-term clients and contracts for longer projects expected to last 12 months or more.

“When I started the business 14 months ago I had a very firm plan for the first four to five years,” he tells Hire and Rental magazine. “I’ve been able to secure some long term projects for us to move along with over the coming years (but) short term hire is also very important to our business because it keeps our utilization rates ticking over.”

Up Hire began on April 1 last year – but there’s no Fool’s Day punchline to this story……


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